1500G KID Goalie Stick | Frontier Goalie Stick

This fiberglass and wood constructed goalie stick is a great choice for a young player taking his/her first steps as a goalie. The stick is well balanced to feel light in hand and to play and handle the puck easily. Durable construction will make the stick last until the little goalie grows out of it.


  •   Wood and fiberglass
  •   Fiberglass fabric reinforced paddle 
  •   Durable multilam birch veneer shaft
  •   Well balanced, light in hand, comfortable to maneuver and to play the puck

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1500g kid 1 large


Blade Patterns

KID Left & Right and Straight available

Paddle heights:
- Kid 44 (17,5")

Kid stick MAX length: 1050 mm (41")

frontier goalie lie


- Durable plywood


- Wooden Construction

- Fiberglass fabric exterior


- Wood and fiberglass layers

- Fiberglass fabric exterior

- Available in Left, Right and Straight patterns