9975G Foam Core Goalie Stick | Frontier Goalie Stick

Frontier 9975G polyurethane foam goalie stick is well known for its durability. 9975G is a perfect stick for an active goalie looking for a comfortable stick for fast puck handling and precise movements in rebound control.


  • Extreme durability due to extra reinforcements in paddle and blade
  • Precise movements in rebound control due to thin paddle shape
  • Designed to resist the extreme sharp impacts
  • Optimal stiffness from heel to toe
  • Great balance and traditional feel 

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9975 1 large


Paddle heights:
- Sr 69 ( 26")
- Sr 71 (27")

SR stick MAX length: 1500 mm (59")

goalie stick paddle lengths


- Light wood core
- Carbon fiberglass laminate reinforced
- Optimally rounded corners
- Traditional feel


- Armour-like laminate exterior


- Classic PU foam construction
- Reinforced with inner carbon laminate
- Fiberglass exterior
- Thin shaped
- Optimal stiffness from heel to toe
- Increased resistance to sharp impacts

Excellent vibration dampening features due to optimization of PU foam and its structure. Extra durability by PU core reinforced with fiberglass laminate  inner carbon laminate blade 

PU foam
goalie lie