9985G Classic | Frontier Goalie Stick

"9985G Classic" is a polyurethane foam goalie stick and it is currently one of the lightest PU sticks in the market. It´s a good choice for a goalie who is looking for a light weight stick with an unique feel. Being well balanced the stick feels extra light in hand while providing a stable contact with ice. "9985G Classic" is the top model of the Frontier goalie stick line. It has been recognized "Among The Best" goalie stick by a number of top KHL and national team´s goalies across Europe.



    • Overall weight reduction from thin paddle shape
    • Ideal for fast puck handling
    • Enables precise movements in rebound control
    • Optimal stiffness from heel to toe
    • Excellent shock absorbtion and rebound features
    • Thin blade with great anti-vibration features
    • Available in Sr and Int sizes

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9985g classic


Paddle heights:
- Sr 65
- Sr 67 (25")
- Sr 69 ( 26")
- Sr 71 (27")
- Sr 73 (28")

SR stick MAX length: 1500 mm (59")
Int stick MAX length: 1400 mm (55")

goalie stick paddle lengths


- Lightwood core

- Carbon fiberglass laminate reinforced


- Carbon fiber laminate reinforced PU core

- 100% carbon fabric exterior


- Extra thin & light PU foam construction

- Unique texalium coating

Excellent vibration dampening features due to optimized stiffness of the stick from heel to toe.

PU foam
goalie lie