Replacement Blades I Frontier Hockey

Frontier has a selection of replacement blades suitable for ice hockey, street, inline and ball hockey players. There are 3 types of replacement blades available: ABS, full wooden and hybrid.



  • ABS blades: Solid ABS core reinforced with fiberglass to make the blade stiffer and shots more accurate. Excellent for all surfaces, especially hard concrete and asphalt.
  • Wooden: Durable ashwood core
  • Hybrid: Wooden core, 100% carbon fabric reinforced
  • All blades are available tapered or regular
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Blade Patterns

Sr:#4 | #5 | #6 | #10 | #11 | #19 | #23 | #REG

Jr:#10 | #11 | #19 | JR

• All patterns available Left and Right

F-Xover: Optimal mix of stiff ABS and natural ashwood insert gives the blade a solid puck feel in combination with great durability. Natural ashwood makes the blade ca 10% ligther than full ABS. Carbon laminate reinforced hosel.

F-Blue: Solid ABS blade is reinforced with fiberglass to make the blade even stiffer and shots more accurate. Fiberglass laminate reinforced hosel.

F-Ashwood: Solid ashwood core, reinforced fiberglass sock exterior. Carbon fiberglass laminate reinforced hosel.

F-Black: Wooden core, 100% carbon fabric reinforced. Carbon fiberglass laminate reinforced hosel. 

F-Xover: Sr

F-Blue: Sr and Jr

F-Ashwood: Sr

F-Black: Sr


- Thinner hosel that goes into the shaft

- Bringing the flex point of the shaft closer to the blade to give a quicker release and more powerful shots

- Tapered hosel only fits into tapered shaft


- Traditional hosel

- Thicker than tapered hosel

Lie chart

player stick lie chart small
tapered standard hosel