After months of careful tuning and numerous product tests - Frontier Hockey is ready to launch it´s newest Spacecraft to the Hockey Cosmos: the F90 goalie stick!

The very first batch of these high-tech Pro level goalie sticks departed from our production facility to Frontier´s CZE distributor last week.

Some specifications:

* F90 is the first ever FRONTIER goalie stick model having integrated into the PU Foam ABS Heel reinforcement

* Reduced weight, excellent balance

* Carbon reinforcing elements on the paddle

* Innovative X-type of Finnish laminate on the blade to improve torsional stiffness


Ask more from your local distributor!

FRONTIER F90 goalie stick

Newest member of the Frontier Hockey family - Canadian women´s Sledge Hockey team goalie Jessie Gregory with her brand new custom made FRONTIER Sledge Hockey goalie gear. We wish good saves and success to Jessie!

Jessie Gregory sledge goalie Team Canada small

There is a big possibility to get a new member into the FRONTIER goalie stick family pretty soon. The construction of a brand new test batch sticks is based on tuned PU-Foam which is reinforced by laminates with rich carbon components!

The test twigs will now go through some testing on ice. Hopefully we have some good news for you soon!


For the first time Frontier has all it´s hockey sticks and apparel available online.

Check it out!

Free Shipping October

Ten strongest junior teams of the World are fighting for the 2017 World Junior Championship title in Canada.

ALäti USA 26.12.2016

Who are fighting for the title?

Best U20 juniors from ten leading countries: USA, CAN, RUS, SWE, FIN, DEN, SUI, CZE, LAT, SVK

FRONTIER wishes best of luck to Latvian goalies Mareks Mitens, Gustavs Grigals and Denijs Romanovskis. 


Frontier wishes to all our friends Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017.

Let the pucks fly peacefully and let everyone scores sometimes.Jõulukaart 2016 Christmas


Three Baltic countries - Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia - have started closer hockey cooperation recently. Baltic hockey leader is definitely the Team LAT. However, LTU and EST are working hard to decrease the gap.

New tournament "Baltic Challenge Cup" was opened in Tallinn on 4th of November by a game EST National Team versus LAT B level National Team (consists mainly from Latvian Virsliga players).

Game ended with a 4:2 win to LAT B.

FRONTIER as a brand with Baltic roots is glad to have some supportive cooperation with the organizer of this tournament: Estonian Ice Hockey Association.

 X Apsitis small



FRONTIER has taken steps to develop new items in our portfolio - Pro level goalie equipment.

These first test goalie gear sets (pads, catcher, blocker) are designed and produced in Canada.

This project is in limited pro testing stage at the moment, no puplic availability yet. More info will be available after the tests are finished.Sneak Peek1



It can get a bit hot during summer time, so what could be a better way to cool yourself than going to a cold ice rink and watch some junior hockey players improve their skills for the upcoming season!

FRONTIER Player Camp 2016 is was successfully hold in Leppävaara, Espoo, Finland during 26.6.-1.7. Maybe you can find some future NHL players in this group?!

Thanks for great arrangements to organize this Camp goes to Mr. Fredrik Norrena and to Gold in the Net Finland.


frontier player camp logo

Frontier Hockey is grateful for the distributing cooperation with company Boström, Norrena & Stenman Ab as they have introduced Frontier products well in Finland over the past years. Now Frontier distributorship continues with Koppi Shop OY and Jaakko Rahkonen. All hockey stores, hockey teams, players and goalies in Finland are most welcome to contact Koppi Shop when in need of new pro sticks and other hockey equipment.

Koppi Shop introducing video in Youtube:

Frontier products in Koppi Shop online store

Koppi Shop in Facebook

koppishop frontier vaughn in expo

Frontier F11.1 was used in a game, autographed by president of Belarus and afterwards put on a charity internet auction. The stick was sold on 29th of January with the final price of 77,5 M BYR (3,377€ or 3,680$). The money colleted with the auction was used for providing sports equipment to children with moving disabilities.





Frontier all time best-selling goalie stick 9985G has now a new light, clear, clean and modern design. And that´s not all – we extended the 9985G product line with another model: 9985G Carbon.

The new Frontier 9985G Carbon is an advancement of the most popular Frontier goalie stick of all times – 9985G Classic.

9985G Classic is well known as very light, thin shaped, stable and perfectly balanced goalie stick with excellent rebound control, minimized vibration, ease to move and maneuver. Now we have added something extra to all these great features – an additional layer of carbon fabric on the blade. Due to this improvement, 9985G Carbon has an extra stiff blade which makes it a great choice for PRO goalies who like to actively play the puck and who are looking for perfect rebound control features and shooting characteristics.

9985g classic   9985g carbon

9985G Classic

• Overall weight reduction from thin paddle shape
• Carbon fiberglass laminate runs throughout the stick – from shaft to heel to give the whole stick an extra resistance, stability and stiffness
• Perfect balance with light weight makes it a great stick for fast puck handling & shooting
• Optimal blade stiffness from heel to toe.
• Excellent shock absorption, vibration dampening and rebound control features due to optimal consistence of PU foam used in the paddle.
• Thin texalium covered blade for precise movements & improved shooting characteristics.
• Sr and Int sizes available

9985G Carbon

• Thin paddle shape to keep the overall weight down, to enable better control and great feel with easy and precise movements.
• Carbon fiberglass laminate runs throughout the stick – from shaft to heel to give the whole stick an extra resistance, stability and stiffness.
• Great balance to feel super light in hand and make it a great stick for fast puck handling & shooting.
• Maximum blade stiffness from heel to toe.
• Excellent shock absorption, vibration dampening and rebound control features due to optimal consistence of PU foam used in the paddle.
• Texalium covered thin blade together with the carbon fabric reinforcement gives the blade an extra amount of stiffness for better rebound features, better puck control for accurate and strong passes.
• Sr and Int sizes available.

We are happy to intoduce Frontier Hockey Official Distributor in Latvia – Mr. Eriks Miluns. Being the first official Frontier distributor, our partnership with Eriks and goes back to 2001. His hockey shop was first opened in fresh built Volvo Ice Arena in 2005 ( where it has been operating since.


Last week the shop got a new, fresh looks. Now you just can´t miss it! So whenever in Riga, make sure you step by!

Frontier Hockey General Manager Mr. Imre Taveter (on left) and Mr. Eriks Miluns General Manager of (on right).


Frontier Hockey is happy to be a partner of MTÜ Tuleviku Jäähoki. With our participation we hope we can give back to community and to help promote ice hockey and bring young players to this facinating sports.

Throughout the project the organizers visit schools and kindergardens inviting kids to ice hockey trainings led by a team of professional coaches. All the necessary equpment is given by organizers. During 4 months of project period 250 to 300 kids in age 5-7 will be expected to step on ice the very first time.

"From Grassroots Till Olympics" has been the slogan of Frontier Hockey for a while. So we hope many future ice hockey stars will be born thanks to this project.

Tuleviku Jäähoki Project
A young hockey player with Frontier hockey stick


Frontier Hockey is an Estonian located hockey stick producer serving passionate players since 2001. From Frontier Hockey product line can be found goalie sticks (PU and composite), player sticks (wooden, hybrid: wooden + ABS, composite), sledge hockey sticks, replacement blades and shafts for ice and roller hockey, visors for hockey players, hockey bags for players and goalies and hockey lifestyle apparel.

Regadless the age or skill level we are here to bring the best hockey experience to every passionate player!


9985G PRO Goalie Stick is  currently the top model of Frontier goalie sticks´family. Due to its excellent features this model has been growing its popularity amongst top goalies in KHL and national teams around Europe.

However 9985G PROs one of the lightest PU models currently available its perfect balance makes it feel even lighter in hand. It´s a perfect stick for an active goalie who likes to play the puck. 

Take a closer look about its features clicking the video below!