F17.0 Stick

F17.0 is a flagship of FRONTIER portfolio. This true-one-piece Monocoque stick is produced by using single molding technology and covered fully with ultra-light and durable 24K carbon weave. Two reinforcing stabilizers that run across the aero foam core blade increase the durability, stiffness and the torsional rigidity of the blade. The design of the blade helps you to keep yourself square to your target while delivering consistent and accurate shots. F17.0 has a slim shaft mold with slightly tapered lower part. The low kick point of the stick enables quicker release on wrist shots and snap shots by fastening maximization of velocity. This pro level IIHF licensed twig has attached to itself loyal users from severar European Extra and Highest level Leagues.


  • Low kick point
  • True one-piece technology
  • 100% Carbon, slight 2-side concave slim shaft
  • Quick shot release
  • Fast maximization of velocity
  • Clear advantage by wrist shots and snap shots
  • Stiff two stabilizers reinforced aero-foam core blade
  • Available in Sr, Int and Jr sizes

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Blade Patterns

SR - FR92, FR88, FR02
INT - FR92
JR - FR92

Sr / 425g:
- Flexes: 77, 85, 100
- Length: 1525 mm (60")

Int / 410g:
- Flex: 65
- Length: 1420 mm (56")

Jr / 350g
- Flex: 50
- Length: 1325 mm (51")


- True-One-Piece


- 100% Carbon

- Semi-square corners

- Slight 2-side concave

- 24K Carbon Weave exterior

- Flat rubber grip


- Two Carbon stabilizers

- High density aero foam core

- 24K Carbon weave exterior