9950 Classic | Wooden Pro Stick

9950 Classic can take you back to 90s: how does it feel to use the real wooden PRO stick. Its carbon-fiberglass laminate reinforced shaft gives it a reliable feel. Thin ABS insert and fiberglass layers reinforced birch veneer blade makes the blade stiff and durable.


  • Slightly rounded corners
  • Carbon fiberglass laminate reinforced light wood shaft
  • ABS insert and fiberglass layers reinforced stiff blade
  • Classic old-school look and feel

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SR stick length: 1550 mm (61")


- Carbon-fiberglass laminate reinfoced

- Selected aspen core, birch edges

- Slightly rounded corners


- Thin ABS core

- Birch veneer and glassfiber fabric layers

- Fiberglass sock reinforced exterior