NEW The Goalie Wheel Bag PRO has a traditional size to easily contain the full set of Sr. goalie gear. 1680 denier nylon is combined with rip-stop nylon reinforcements in critical high stress areas which adds extra durability to the bag. The straps are long enough to carry the bag on the shoulder or just to attach the straps together on the top of the bag for comfortable lifting and transportation. The straps are box stitched and reinforced for extra strength. Additional lift-handles are placed on both ends of the bag. 3 large size wheels keep the heavily loaded bag from dragging on the bottom. The design and placements of the pockets and straps are designed in order to be optimal and maximize the ease of usage. Internal storage pockets with zippers are placed on each side and one end with added storage inside the bag. Wide U shaped opening enables an easy access. Extra strong #10 type zipper.



  • Durable 1680 denier nylon fabric
  • Classic, optimal and simple design
  • Lift handles on both ends
  • Extra strong zippers

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Goalie wheel bag


Sr - 112 long x 54 high x 52 wide / 44" x 21" 20"

wheel bag outline


- 1680 Denier nylon

- Rip-stop nylon reinforcements


- Black body + Black rip-stop nylon reinforcement details

- Black body + Red rip-stop nylon reinforcement details

- Wide U shaped opening for easy access

- Internal storage pockets with zippers on each side and one end for added storage inside the bag

- Three wheel design - large XC type wheels

- Durable and strong #10 zippers

- Lift handles on both ends of the bag